Welcome to Fittings Estándar

Fittings Estándar in one of the Spanish leading companies in designing and manufacturing of flexible systems for plumbing, heating and cooling for professional installations.

Being set up in 2000, the Company has been and still is an example of constant growth and business development.

Our core values are investigation, innovation, responsability, quality and commitment.

Our cutting-edge systems and advanced production technologies let us offer wide range of high quality products, an excellent efficiency and great reliability.

We have our own investigation centre in charge of not only designing and testing of the new products, but also of guaranteeing of productive capacity and high quality.

Our team

The genuine engine of Fittings Estándar is our team of professionals highly qualified, committed to the values of the Company and involved in everyday improvement.

Fittings Estándar is a family company with professionals in each field, from the product design, marketing, after sales service and customer service.

Furthermore, the Company is 100% commited to equality of opportunities and work-life balance.

Our logistics team


From Fittings Estándar we maintain a close relationship with our customers, in order to be able to give always our best and fulfill with their expectations or even surpass them.

With this goal we consistently adapt to the demands of the sector for achieving a constant improvement and compliance of the proposed requirements.

Our R&D department tests and analyses all our products to guarantee their highest quality before placing them on the market.

For Fittings Estándar the concept of quality means to quarantee quality features superior to those requiered by the current standards and regulations.

All our products are made of the highest quality raw materials. In addition, our products are constantly tested for the water tightness, in order to guarantee no leaking while the normal conditions of use are kept.